Our commitment to health and safety

Vectura considers health and safety to be a priority in its workplaces. We have an established Health and Safety Committee that reviews health and safety standards within the organisation. The Committee continually monitors and reviews health and safety practices to ensure that health and safety management procedures are robust and in line with industry best practice. Annual updates are provided to the Board for review and additional update reports are provided as required. Trevor Phillips is the Board member to whom responsibility for health and safety issues has been delegated.

Specialist ongoing training is provided to those individuals who are responsible for health and safety across the organisation. General health and safety training is delivered to all staff via in-house training sessions provided by our Health and Safety Manager and by e-learning courses.

The Group has an excellent safety record and there have been no major incidents or accidents reported to the Health and Safety Committee during the year (2014/15: none).

Our environmental footprint

Due to the nature of its activities, Vectura considers that it has a low environmental impact. However, we remain committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and actively seek to make energy savings in a way that is beneficial for the environment and cost effective for the business. Andrew Oakley is the Board member to whom responsibility for environmental issues has been delegated.

Vectura has a Green Action Team which meets regularly and has responsibility to pursue initiatives for environmental sustainability and carbon reduction.

Green Action Team

Our Green Action Team is responsible for raising environmental awareness, driving good environmental behaviours and co-ordinating environmental initiatives across the organisation. The team publishes articles on environmental matters on our staff intranet and it manages internal guidance for the use of heating and air conditioning. Each year, the team organises an annual “Green Week” to promote ongoing awareness of environmental matters amongst staff.

Our environmental policies

Our Company environmental policy is modelled on ISO 14001 standards, and all staff are required to read and comply with Vectura’s green working policy. Induction procedures for new staff include sufficient information to ensure a high level of compliance with our environmental standards.

Our environmental initiatives

Vectura has adopted and maintains a number of specific environmental initiatives.

Energy efficiency

  • 52 solar panels are installed at our Chippenham site which have generated over 38,000kWh of electricity since installation in November 2012.
  • It is our policy that when an existing light unit requires replacement it is replaced with an LED light. The LED lights installed are up to four times more energy efficient than the traditional light units that they replace. The majority of the lighting at our Chippenham site is now LED.
  • Passive infrared light sensors are installed in many general work areas. This ensures that lighting is not left on in work areas that are not currently in use.
  • We continue our commitment to promoting “green IT”. Where possible, we use virtual PCs that use c.20% of the electricity of a standard desktop PC and we employ virtual servers. 

Waste management

Initiatives to effectively manage and reduce waste have been implemented throughout the organisation:

  • We recycle all paper and cardboard waste, aluminium cans, plastics, printer toners/cartridges and redundant mobile telephone handsets.
  • We operate a managed print solution to help control paper usage.
  • We use registered waste disposal contractors and comply with all relevant waste legislation.

The Carbon Disclosure Project

Carbon Disclosure Project

Vectura voluntarily reports its environmental performance under the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). CDP plays an important role in communicating information about greenhouse gas emissions and related activities reported by the UK’s largest companies, enabling investors and the public to take informed action against climate change. There have been no contentious issues or other matters having economic, legal, reputational or environmental consequences that have arisen this year.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Vectura reports greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013 (“the Regulations”).

For more details on Vectura’s environmental footprint and initiatives, please refer to our most recent annual report.