Vectura’s principal activities are undertaken within the pharmaceutical industry, which is subject to a highly regulated ethical framework with which the Group complies. In addition, Vectura seeks to conduct its activities generally in accordance with good business ethics.

We have adopted a clear anti-bribery policy, which has been communicated to all employees so they can recognise and avoid the use of bribery and report any suspicion for rigorous investigation. Political donations are prohibited and advance approval from management is required before management and staff may accept or solicit a gift of any kind.

We do not believe that human rights issues present a significant issue for Vectura, but we are committed to protecting the human rights of our employees and the people who come into contact
with our business.

Sales and marketing ethics

The Group does not currently market pharmaceutical products directly to patients; however, we are committed to employing ethical marketing and sales practices. We follow the Code of Practice of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) which governs the promotion of medicines to health professionals.

Working with suppliers

Our ethical standards are integral to our procurement and partnering activities and we continuously monitor compliance through assessments and improvement programmes. We have a highly regulated vendor selection process, which includes evaluating prospective suppliers’ technical capability and a full audit of their quality systems to ensure compliance with appropriate quality and safety standards.

Manufacturing compliance

Vectura manufacturing and laboratory facilities are subject to regular inspection by relevant regulatory authorities. These inspections have not revealed any major instances of non-compliance at any of our sites.

Clinical trials

Vectura has an established set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Policies which govern the conduct of the clinical trials which it sponsors. These SOPs and Policies ensure that Vectura-sponsored clinical trials are compliant with internationally recognised and adopted standards and with national and international legislation in relevant territories. Vectura’s clinical trials are the subject of routine and ongoing inspection by its own Quality Assurance department to ensure compliance with SOPs and Policies. We do not conduct animal testing in house and have no plans to do so. We outsource toxicology studies which are required by law before human clinical trials of novel therapeutics can be conducted. There are a limited number of companies with the expertise to conduct regulatory-standard, inhalation toxicology studies, which are our area of focus.

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