Shareholder information

Essential information for our shareholders.

Managing your shares

Important information for shareholders
Your shareholding

Vectura’s registrar is Computershare Investor Services plc. Computershare should be contacted for any matters relating to your shareholding, including changing your name and address details and submitting your proxy form for voting at the Annual General Meeting.

Computershare can be contacted in the following ways:


With Investor Centre you view your Shareholding and you can quickly and efficiently update your address, without the need to fill out any forms. To register you need your Shareholder Reference Number (this appears on your share certificate) and your postcode.

Visit the Investor Centre website at:

By telephone

For any questions or queries regarding your account, please contact Computershare’s Shareholder Helpline for Vectura on +44 (0) 370 707 1387.

Lines are open from 8.00am to 5:00pm (UK time) Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

By post

Computershare can be contacted at the following postal address:

Computershare Investor Services PLC
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
BS99 6ZZ

Electronic communications

Vectura is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.

You can support this objective by electing to receive and access your shareholder communications (including the annual report) electronically, rather than receiving paper copies through the post. If you choose to receive your communications in this manner, you will receive an email when relevant documents become available on Vectura’s website. This email will advise you how to access the documents online.

To register for this service, please provide Computershare with your email address by visiting the following Investor Centre website:

Share fraud warning

The Company is obliged by law to make its share register publicly available and, as a result, some shareholders may receive unsolicited mail. We have become aware of a small number of shareholders who are receiving unsolicited phone calls concerning their shareholding in Vectura. These are generally from overseas organisations who do not represent Vectura Group and are offering to buy or transact Vectura shares for considerably more than the current market price, or sell other investment products which could be worthless or very high-risk investments.

If you are approached by such an organisation, please act with extreme caution and if you receive any unsolicited mail or investment advice:

• make sure you get the correct name of the person and organisation
• check the Financial Services Register at
• use the details on the Financial Services Register to contact the firm
• call the FCA Consumer Helpline on 0800 111 6788 if there are no contact details on the Register or you are told they are out of date
• beware of fraudsters claiming to be from an authorised firm, copying its website or giving you false contact details
• use the firm’s contact details listed on the Register if you want to call it back
• search the list of unauthorised firms and individuals to avoid doing business with at
• report a share scam by telling the FCA using the share fraud reporting form at
• if the unsolicited phone calls persist, hang up
•if you wish to limit the amount of unsolicited mail you receive, contact The Mailing Preference Service, FREEPOST 29 (LON20771), London W1E 0ZT or visit the website at

If you deal with an unauthorised firm, you will not be eligible to receive payment under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. If you have already paid money to share fraudsters you should contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.