Three new therapies added to our portfolio

Our R&D strategy focuses upon the creation of products whose active ingredient has previously received regulatory approval in major territories, such as the US and EU, and where the data and market exclusivity period has expired.

These repurposed assets will utilise proprietary formulation and/or device technology to ensure the consistent delivery of therapeutic drug concentrations to relevant parts of the lung, thus improving their local efficacy and/or their systemic safety profiles.

Such products represent an opportunity to provide better alternative treatment options to patient groups that continue to suffer from unmet medical needs.

These new and differentiated assets represent an exciting opportunity to improve outcomes in a variety of patient groups with high unmet needs.

- Frazer Morgan, VP Programme Development

The first wave of differentiated products, targeting niche diseases, have been identified and development activities initiated. Development feasibility is progressing well for the inhaled management of:

  • Cardiopulmonary vascular disease
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Infection in post-transplant immunocompromised patients

The strategic case for investment in Vectura enhanced therapies

  • Ability to address high unmet medical needs and achieve premium product pricing
  • Realise necessary clinical risk:benefit profile via targeted and consistent drug delivery
  • Lower development risk/cost compared to new chemical/biological entities
  • Intellectual proprietary product protection through combination with our unique inhalation technology platform
  • Achieve attractive early upfront milestones and royalties via third-party licensing strategy



Individual peak sales potential per indication

Wave 1

Targeting orphan and
niche diseases

3–5 years

Partnering potential within a three to five-year period

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