FAVORITE: Flow And Volume Regulated Inhalation Technology

Clear opportunity to leverage FAVORITE approach used in AKITA® JET and FOX® devices

A patient’s breathing pattern can alter the efficiency of drug delivery to different parts of the lung. Control of the inspiratory flow rate, the inspiratory volume of the aerosol and the timing during the inspiration when the drug aerosol is delivered can materially affect how much drug gets to central or peripheral parts of the lungs. This is the basis of our proprietary, smart nebulisation-based technology known as FAVORITE.

This control is achieved through a modified nebuliser unit that delivers the nebulised aerosol tailored to the individual patient’s breathing capacity. The increased efficiency of delivery means the drug is distributed more efficiently allowing targeted deposition in the lungs. Other benefits for the patient may also be derived from this approach, such as reduced treatment time.

FAVORITE™ improves effectiveness of delivery by reducing the impact of variable breathing patterns on drug delivery.

  1. Faster delivery
  2. Improve lung deposition
  3. Less drug, better economics
  4. Potential to improve outcomes
  5. Range of indications where currently used today:
  6. Asthma/COPD/Bronchiectasis/Cystic Fibrosis

Tidal Breathing 1
(typical short and abrupt inhalation pattern)

Central airway deposition 1
e.g. bronchodilator applications

FAVORITE™ inhalation 1
(slow and deep inhalation)

Deep lung penetration 1
e.g. Alpha–1 antitrypsin and antibiotics

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