Advantages of our technology...

A patient’s breathing pattern can alter the efficiency of drug delivery to different parts of the lung. Control of the inspiratory flow rate, the inspiratory volume of the aerosol, and the timing during the inspiration when the drug aerosol is delivered can materially affect how much drug gets to central or peripheral parts of the lungs. This is the basis of our proprietary, smart nebulisation-based technology.

With this controlled inhalation, our nebulisers have the potential to deliver the aerosol more efficiently to the lungs, tailored to the individual patient’s breathing capacity. Lower doses could also be delivered, allowing a reduction in treatment time compared to conventional nebulisers.

"What’s exciting about working for Vectura is understanding what our innovative technology can do for patients and how we can maximise its value by engaging with them and physicians."
- Anna Ribera, pictured above, Director of Medical Affairs

Benefits of our technology include:

  1. Faster delivery
  2. Improved lung deposition
  3. Less drug needed, better economics
  4. Potential to improve treatment outcomes

Vectura AKITA® JET nebuliser drug deposition versus conventional jet nebuliser

Computational fluid dynamics modelling suggests the AKITA® JET has the potential to more effectively deliver a larger proportion of drugs to the relevant area of the lung of patients with respiratory diseases than with a standard jet nebuliser.

In the diagram, the orange colour represents the amount of drug deposited in the lungs, showing that it is higher when the AKITA® JET is used.

S. Munro, W. Vos, B. Mignot. Use of in silico deposition modelling to evaluate the lung deposition patterns of budesonide delivered from different inhaler devices in patients with severe asthma. Thorax, Volume 73; Issue Suppl 4. p.166.

AKITA JET diagram