Whether you’re working on small or large molecules, our teams are here to support you at every stage of the development pathway.


Formulation and Product Development

  • Developing advanced powder blend formulations, as well as aqueous (for nebulisation) and non-aqueous (for pMDI) solutions or suspension formulations for either novel or generic products
  • All phases of DPI and pMDI development for monotherapy and complex (novel or generic) combination products
  • Capability to formulate both small molecules and biologics
  • Broad portfolio of proprietary device and formulation technologies available to access

Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • Large, experienced analytical group able to undertake the complete spectrum of test methodologies (including physical properties evaluation), required to support the development of DPI, pMDI and nebulised products
  • Comprehensive stability storage facility able to support pivotal programmes
  • Able to test products under more realistic conditions (testing with a range of throat models using electronic lung or breathing simulator)

Device Development

  • DPI, pMDI and advanced mesh and jet nebuliser technologies available to allow optimal device selection depending on the drug substance, target disease, lung delivery targeting requirements or patient population
  • Comprehensive compliance with Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and other regulatory and quality standards
  • Also able to support the industrialisation of DPI, pMDI and nebuliser devices and products

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Process Development, Product Manufacturing & Technical Transfer

  • Progression from feasibility through to transfer to commercial production
  • Process scaling using equipment representative of commercial production (pMDI and DPI)
  • Managing of in-market/commercial device supply though network of suppliers


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