The inhaled market is large and diverse, with respiratory disease a major segment. There are high barriers to entry for companies focused on delivering complex inhaled generics and enhanced versions of known molecules. Vectura’s capabilities, expertise and experience position us to have a significant impact on patients’ lives and deliver shareholder value

Our talented people

We have 450+ employees working internationally across five sites with extensive clinical, regulatory, formulation, device and development expertise


Vectura has a rich heritage of innovation. Our R&D expertise is at the heart of our company, creating value for patients and for shareholders

Patient insight

We ensure our teams understand the impact on patients of the diseases we are targeting, as well as the science behind diagnosis and treatment

Our shared culture

Our shared values foster a strong culture which is a definitive expression of “how we do things” at Vectura

Our intellectual property

We have a broad IP base covering our technologies and capabilities, managed by our experienced in-house team

Our strong partnerships

We have active partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies


Optimising drug and excipients to deliver required clinical profile


Range of devices to address differing drug delivery characteristics and patient needs


In-house expertise in support of the development process from early stage through to approval and launch

Maximising the value of our differentiated inhaled formulation, device design and development capabilities by partnering both our complex inhaled generics portfolio and enhanced therapies

Product supply


Development revenues

1 Royalties include share of net sales of EXPAREL® and other sales milestones or licensing revenues related to marketed products containing Vectura intellectual property – also referred to “Royalties and other marketed products” in note 3 to the financial statements.

Our shareholders

Maintaining a strong balance sheet by ensuring focused R&D investment and pipeline delivery to target long‑term growth

Our patients

Developing products to improve patients’ lives. Supporting patient access to affordable, quality products with our generics pipeline and by developing innovative treatments to address major areas of unmet medical need

Our people

Creating a dynamic and rewarding place to work with clear development opportunities

Our partners

Leveraging Vectura’s capabilities to support the scientific and operational development of new and inhaled generic products which deliver returns for our partners

Our environment and local communities

Offering good quality employment opportunities and a long-term positive impact on our environment and communities

Our purpose

Transforming the lives of patients with airways diseases. Our purpose underpins everything we do and is the reason we come to work every day

We are delivering our strategy though five key pillars

Our strategy is to maximise the value of our differentiated inhaled formulation, device and development capabilities through partnering complex inhaled generics and the enhanced delivery of existing molecules.