Our CDMO expertise in the spotlight


Sharon Johnson, Executive Vice President – Delivery Management, shared her views in a main feature in August’s edition of The Medicine Maker. In the piece, headlined ‘So, you want to become a CDMO…’ Sharon explores what to keep in mind when pivoting a business to provide drug development services to customers.

Our CDMO expertise in the spotlight Medicina Maker, Sharon Johnson

Reflective of the journey, Sharon gives an overview of the CDMO industry and looks at the rewards and benefits of transforming into a CDMO, both from a business and scientific point of view.

“The most important consideration is understanding what needs to stay the same,” she says in the article. “The same excellence in science and focus towards what is important does not change, and there will always be a patient at the end of every project. There will be a customer contract in place – but the final customer and ultimate goal will always be to meet patients’ needs.

“It is vital that you keep scientific excellence at the core of your business: talent, expertise and experience is what attracts customers to working with partners.”

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