Formulating therapies for inhalation is complex and challenging. Use our formulation technologies, science and expertise to help your inhaled product development succeed.

With expertise in powder and liquid formulations, as well as a broad portfolio of proprietary device and formulation technologies available to access if required, we can help you overcome the challenges of inhaled formulation development.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Small molecules and biologics
  • Complex combinations
  • Formulation matching for generics
  • Formulation optimisation and delivery to maximise target engagement
  • Broad dose range delivery from microgrammes to tens of milligrammes
  • Bridging between early-stage and commercial-ready device platforms

Dry Powder Formulation

Our advanced powder blends will optimise the delivery of your small molecule or biologic product candidate.

With options for off-the-shelf capsule devices and proprietary unit- and multi-dose platforms, our powder formulation technology can help at every stage of development.

Whether you’re developing a new chemical entity or looking to match formulations for a generic product, get in touch to see how our integrated approach can support your programme.

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Non-Aqueous Liquid Formulation for pMDI

All the components of a pressurised metered dose inhaler (drug formulation, propellant, canister, metering valve, and actuator) play important roles in the the formation of the aerosol, and in determining its drug delivery characteristics to the lung.

With extensive experience in generic and new chemical entity formulation development, we can help optimise your formulation and device performance to bring your pMDI programme to market.


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We have particular expertise in:

Non-aqueous pressurised solutions and suspensions using HFA propellants

Full API characterisation to establish critical parameters to optimise formulation and container closure system

Seamless formulation scale-up between laboratory, pilot and commercially-relevant scale

Matched API, formulation and in vitro performance to reference listed drug (RLD) for generic programmes

Bridged performance for lifecycle management of existing marketed products

Liquid Formulation for Nebulisation

Liquid formulations offer dose flexibility during pre-clinical and clinical development, and nebulised delivery technology may offer benefits to patients in respiratory and non-respiratory disease areas.

Our capability in solution and suspension approaches for small molecules and biologics will help you advance your development programme to create new and improved therapies.


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We can help with:

Aqueous solutions and suspensions optimised for smart nebuliser delivery

Freeze-dried powders for reconstitution

Formulation optimisation to maximise delivery to the lung, to minimise treatment time or reduce total delivered dose

Early clinical and blow-fill-seal scale-up for late-phase clinical and commercial manufacturing managed via external partnerships

Other available services

Regulatory Services

All formulation, device, and development services are supported by our regulatory group

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Device Platforms

See how our DPI, pMDI and nebuliser technologies can support your novel or generic programme

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Pharmaceutical Analysis

Comprehensive analytical services to characterise inhaled products

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Product Manufacturing

See how our in-house manufacturing facilities and equipment can support your programme

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