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Exploration of alternative methodologies for spray pattern evaluation

Author:Fraser Carr



Aiming to provide an alternative approach for the determination of spray pattern


Fraser Carr
Respiratory Drug Delivery 2024, Tucson, Arizona, May 5-9

This study aimed to provide an alternative approach for the determination of spray pattern, with an impaction technique investigated to overcome the challenges posed by the laser light sheet method. These included the use of Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates and the application of staining techniques to develop an API-specific impaction method.

In conclusion, the work conducted as part of this study aimed to develop an impaction-based spray pattern measurement system with the sensitivity required to assess a single actuation at two distances. This was achieved using an API specific staining technique,
allowing for a measurable spray pattern.

The spray patterns collected only accounted for the budesonide in the formulation, and a sufficiently sensitive formoterol specific technique may need to be developed to confirm how it contributes to the overall spray pattern.

Challenges associated with measurement of the spray pattern were identified, and in the future an automated approach would be preferable.

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