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Manufacturing dry powders for drug delivery

Author:European Pharmaceutical Magazine


Tim Gardner, director of Manufacturing & New Product Introduction at Vectura explores the considerations to make when manufacturing formulations for dry powder inhaled products in the November issue of the European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Magazine.

Manufacturing dry powders for drug delivery

In “Manufacturing Dry Powders for Drug Delivery”, Tim discusses “how DPI products are a combination of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), formulated with excipients and carrier molecules, within a device. The design and development of these must be conducted in symbiosis, as each directly impacts upon the other. Only when the drug substance can be delivered effectively by an appropriate device can the drug be seen to be successful; however, the implications for commercial manufacturing of products should be considered as early as possible within the design, to ensure that the drug’s efficacy is matched by economic viability.”

For the full article “Manufacturing Dry Powders for Drug Delivery”, click here.

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