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Spotlight: Andrew Walker, VP Device Development

Author:The Pharmaceutical Post


The Pharmaceutical Post, a bilingual French and English magazine dedicated to pharmaceutical manufacturing, recently interviewed Andrew Walker, VP Device Development, about the market trends for inhaled drugs and current projects from Vectura. Andrew mentions the current state of the market, “Industry data shows that there are more than 300 molecules in development in the pipeline of drugs intended to be inhaled. These molecules are not limited to respiratory diseases like asthma and COPD, but also target central nervous system (CNS) disorders and endocrinology, oncology and pulmonary vascular disease. The opportunities for CDMOs and outsourcing are increasing, particularly from small innovative companies whose business model is almost entirely virtual.”

Spotlight: Andrew Walker, VP Device Development Fox Device Bench Inhaler

“The FOX nebulizer and dry powder inhalers (DPI) are both very relevant in the early development of inhalation therapy.”

As for Vectura’s projects, Andrew highlights our devices and platforms, “We are seeing a significant increase in the development of drugs to be administered by nebulizers, a segment in which Vectura is the leader thanks to its FOX® mobile and AKITA® JET platforms. These nebulizers were developed for better clinical results and/or shorter treatment times in pulmonary drug delivery.”

For the full interview ‘Spotlight: Andrew Walker, VP Device Development’, click here.

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