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Taking a Breath: Advances in Inhaled Biologics

Author:BioPharm International


BioPharm International recently published ‘Taking a Breath: Advances in Inhaled Biologics’, an overview of the increased and renewed interest in the inhaled route of administration for biologics, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article, our specialist, Catherine Oliver – Pharmaceutical Development, shared her views on the advantages of this delivery route as well as its limitations and challenges.

Traditionally, biologics are given through injections or infusions due to poor oral bioavailability. However, up to one in 10 of the population are anxious about injections. Administration of infusions requires skilled personnel to prepare and administer.

Drug delivery via inhalation offers obvious advantages for treating diseases of the lung. For respiratory therapies, it allows the drug to reach the site of action directly. Inhalation can also be a viable route for the delivery of systemically acting drugs, not least because it gives a fast onset of action through high systemic bioavailability.

F. Thomas, “Taking a Breath: Advances in Inhaled Biologics,” BioPharm International 34 (4) 2021.

Taking a Breath: Advances in Inhaled Biologics Fox Device

You can read the full article here.

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