DPI device flexibility with
capsule – and blister-based platforms

Select the right DPI device for your programme
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With capsule- and blister-based capabilities, including unit-dose, multi-dose and high payload devices, we can help you select the right dry powder inhaler for your programme and phase of development.

Capsule DPI

Unit-dose capsule inhaler technology offers flexible dosing and a fast-to-clinic option in early development. Vectura can support capsule-based DPI programmes from pre-clinical development to small-scale commercialisation.

Blister DPI

Our commercially-validated, blister-based DPI device technology provides confidence of performance for multi-dose applications.

Choose from a range of options offering:

  • Simplicity of design and low component count
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Broad and long-term patent coverage
  • Low cost

Open-Inhale-Close (OIC)

DPI device with only 3 user-steps.
Designed with digital connectivity in mind.

Lever Operated Multi-dose Inhaler (LOMI)

60-dose DPI device with 4 user-steps
Approved and marketed in US


60-dose DPI device with 5 user-steps
Approved & marketed in UK, EU and Rest of World

F1P Unit-dose Inhaler

Unit-dose DPI device designed for delivery of higher payload volumes. Incorporates a cyclone design to assist aerosolisation for greater lung deposition.

Require a bespoke drug delivery device?

With expertise in dry powder device design, human factors, navigating complex regulatory requirements for combination products, and a track record of commercially-validated devices, our expert team can support device development from concept to commercialisation.

We offer a fully-integrated DPI product development service including dry powder formulation development, analytical testing, manufacturing and DPI product assembly.

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