Webcast: Balancing User and Environmental Needs in Inhaler Design

User and environmental needs in inhaler design

This webcast discusses the importance of balancing user and environmental needs in inhaler design with a view to improving sustainability. The focus is on top-level conceptual design and the user need-related design attributes which can have a large impact on the effectiveness and sustainability of a therapy. Specifically, the webcast covers:

  • Conflicting needs for functionality and sustainability?
  • User and stakeholder requirements
  • Design & manufacturing approaches
  • Application in DPI and nebuliser devices


Andreas Meliniotis is Director of Device Development at Vectura, and leads the engineering and device development group based in Cambridge, UK. With over 15 years’ experience at Vectura, Andreas has led the design and development of several multi-dose DPIs as well as nebulisers and connected device technology.

Duration: 26mins