Comprehensive enabling formulation technology

Our range of device and formulation capabilities provides us with a competitive advantage for developing generics for Asthma and COPD, as well as products aimed at the enhanced delivery of known molecules to the lungs in specialist disease areas. This includes inhaled reformulations of medicines normally delivered by the oral or injectable route, including biologics.

Our in-house capability to design and engineer our own formulations and adapt their aerodynamic properties by altering size, shape, surface roughness and surface chemistry to optimise them for their particular purpose.

For example, we can engineer a particle to make it less “sticky”, so that it flows and aerosolises better and has the potential to be delivered with higher efficiency to effect an increased efficacy.

The versatility and ability to alter drug formulations according to dosing regimens is key when delivering complex biologics and is increasingly demanded by regulators and physicians. Our wide range of delivery devices also allows us to easily combine different molecules together in combination products.

We are an attractive partner for pharma companies, working closely with them to select the right technology for the intended patient and disease before the formulation or device becomes fixed in the later stages of development.